The feature and strong point of AII

Creating platform for diverse human resources to lead Asia-initiated innovations

Innovators gather to draw up a roadmap for new businesses. AII accumulates and disseminates knowledge about new initiatives to promote future ones.
When innovators are at the stage of commercialization, AII’s corporate network can be utilized to assist in business development.

Asia-initiated innovations NPO AII 1. Innovator Platform 2. Asia Innovation Forum (AIF) Encouraging Entrepreneurship Corporate Network Quantum Leaps Corporation  Asia Business Platform Business development Business leaders Education/ research institutes Technology Finance Network of various resources in Japan and overseas

AII will work in the following areas:

  • Support human resources to lead Asia-initiated innovations
  • Develop a network of people in Asia to share the most advanced and relevant experiences
  • Disseminate information of Asia-initiated innovations that will provide models for new businesses and industries

In particular, we will focus on the promising areas of:

  • medical/healthcare service
  • energy
  • new societal infrastructures(including IT technologies)