About Asia Innovators' Initiative (AII)

To Spur Asia-initiated Innovation

While many Asian countries are experiencing dizzying economic growth and vitality, they are also facing economic poverty and disparity as well as other societal problems. There are efforts to apply business approaches as a solution, in other words, seeds of social innovation to tackle problems and impact society in economic and social ways.

On the other hand, Japan is a mature economy, with an aging population, a declining birthrate and environmental issues, problems that up-and-coming countries of Asia will eventually also face. Now more than ever, Japan should fulfill its responsibilities as a member of Asia to work with other Asian countries in resolving common problems and challenges.

The social problems present an opportunity to create new solutions and businesses. We believe the initiatives that go beyond existing boundaries between public and private, for-profit and non-profit, or different industries will result in the creation of innovative solutions.

AII strives to serve as a catalyst for social innovation by bringing together a diverse range of individuals on an open platform to create a "chemical reaction," and promote the sharing of relevant knowledge so that the countries of Asia, with their different histories, cultures and religions, can collaborate to develop social innovations. In addition, AII will convey this knowledge to the world by utilizing social networks.

Space for Innovation!